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Electric Guitar Materials

In the event that you don’t possess some of things, please get creative in what you will do have or can simply get. Research but fun.

General Tools

– router and router table with proper bits
– band saw or jigsaw
– sandpaper, spindle sander or hand sander
– tape measure
– double part tape

Parts & products

– lumber for electric guitar human body (ash)

Let’s get going

Wood kind affects the sound of an electric guitar; however, how much it improves an electric guitar is up for debate. I say, if you’re choosing a particular sound, why-not you will need to allow it to be better?

Typical electric guitar forests are alder, basswood and ash; occasionally mahogany, maple and rosewood carry the pickups. Ash had been utilized thoroughly into the ’50s and ’60s for its sound quality, therefore we will move with-it. Deciding on its breathtaking grain construction, stain in the place of paint will highlight its normal play.

Designing an electrical electric guitar human anatomy affords plenty of freedom whenever shaping it. You should use a cigar package, a gas can or reduce an intricate form. Providing the length between your nut towards the top of the neck therefore the twelfth fret is equal length on twelfth fret in addition to bridge, the shape associated with guitar is anything you desire. If this is very first rodeo, templates are great to branch away from. Grab one online and let us have cutting.

Using a template, center it inside performing timber body. Make a tiny scars on top and base that correspond to the middle of the template. This makes it much easier to match the initial place once you clean up the slice aided by the router later. Trace the template on your own working body, eliminate it and turn up the band-saw. Note, in the event that you don’t have a band saw, a jigsaw can get you where you need to go.

Together with your band-saw or jigsaw, loosely cut the shape of your electric guitar. You don’t have to be spot on, but you will need to ride the line.

Once you’ve finished cutting the fundamental shape, its time for you to take out the router as well as your template. Precision here is essential. Double-side tape the template towards working body, matching the center markings you have made when tracing. The template can help guide the router to streamline your system. Start your router and relieve the human body in. Spend some time; I like to give it two to three passes for nice curves.

After you complete routing, its time to sand the body down seriously to near baby-smooth. I prefer a spindle sander and myself trusted old fashioned hand with a bit of report, but please use that which you supply.

Within our next episode we’ll begin designing and shaping the neck. Cheers!

What you should finish the complete Electric DIY series

Don’t possess some of the things regarding the number, try out choices and also fun.

– clamps (lots o’ clamps)
– router and router table with appropriate bits
– drill hit and/or electric exercise with guide
– band-saw or jigsaw
– hammer
– sandpaper, spindle sander or hand sander
– files and rasps
– tape measure
– soldering iron
– screwdrivers

Specialty Tools

– fretting tools (hammer, fret press, fret lever, fret data)
– radius cauls
– polishing wheel
– string gauge
– radius gauge
– fret rocker

Parts & Materials Record

– wood for human anatomy (ash)
– timber for throat (walnut)
– pre-radius end fretboard (12-degree radius)
– truss pole
– double humbucker pickups
– volume and tone potentiometers
– 3-way switch
– feedback jack
– fret line
– top-loading bridge
– TUSQ fan
– neck dish
– tuning machines (aka tuners)
– string woods
– control cavity cover
– band buttons
– electric line
– guitar strings


About Rodney Bowman

Produced south of Chicago, Rodney Bowman of Bowman developed Guitars ended up being introduced to woodworking by their daddy straight out of this cradle. At their father’s side, he discovered their enthusiasm for lumber — the grain, the smells, the colors and textures. Having a separate want to produce, Rodney naturally made a decision to pair it together with love for guitars and music, in which their imagination will sing even after he’s gone.

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