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red, Buenos Aires 2011Jeremy Lyons came to be and raised in Ithaca, NY. He learned ethnomusicology in university and got their start as a professional musician in brand new Orleans roads. He met the members of Morphine in 2005, after fleeing the flooding of Hurricane Katrina. Since 2009, Jeremy has been playing electric guitar, electric bouzouki while the 2-string slide bass with Dana and Jerome (and sometimes Billy), recreating and re-imagining the music of Mark Sandman, on top of other things.

Jeremy relocated to New Orleans in late 1992, with little to no a lot more than his nationwide guitar and a need to play and discover. After two months working in a hotel restaurant he quit his task and became a full-time road musician, playing 5-7 days per week for nearly 5 years using Big Mess Blues Band. Indeed there he honed his art, learning from colleagues and elder musicians. He quit the road in 1997, and formed their trio Jeremy Lyons & the Deltabilly Boys with Greg Schatz on upright bass and Paul Santopadre on drums. This musical organization blended slide and fingerstyle guitar with high-octane rockabilly, browse songs, Delta Blues and other roots designs. The Deltabilly Boys revealed five CDs, toured the usa and components of Europe, and played seven successive years on brand new Orleans Jazz & history Festival.

As Hurricane Katrina approached in belated August of 2005, Jeremy evacuated together with his then-wife along with his child to keep with family members, first-in Baton Rouge, and Boston. With a few assistance, Jeremy was able to begin from scratch and begin rebuilding his job. In September, term got around and a mutual buddy connected Jeremy with Dana, Billy and Jerome of Morphine. Besides the provide of gear and recording time, Jeremy discovered an appropriately known as sanctuary at Hi-N-Dry studio, Mark Sandman’s former loft apartment.

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