PRS SE Santana Electric Guitar

Recently we announced a new distinct SE guitars called the “SE Standards.” We circulated four models altogether: the SE Standard 22, SE traditional 24, SE Standard 245, in addition to SE Santana Standard. The Production of the models brings to promote the absolute most affordable PRS guitar to date — $499. However, our only issue had beenn’t the price; we wished a quality, great-feeling, and great-sounding instrument. Here’s the reason we think the SE Standards are great for first-time guitarists (or seasoned musicians).

1. PRS Design
Proprietary is a word we use plenty here at PRS. Proprietary styles tend to be exactly what make a PRS a PRS./ Paul and our team fork out a lot period inventing (and re-inventing) pickups, bridges, as well as other products to help make our guitars top they can be. And even though our SE parts are built by somebody maker, the design of your quality components are created by PRS and Paul himself.

2. United States Of America Inspection
We pick the manufacturers of our SE devices very sensibly and trust them to create in the higher level of high quality our clients expect. Nevertheless, every SE electric guitar offered in the usa first involves our Maryland factory for a strict high quality inspection and put up. European-sold SE guitars are establish and inspected by PRS Europe along with other SE guitars offered into globe are set-up and inspected by our respected network of PRS distributers./ Your SE traditional will be given the awareness of information it deserves just before play your first note.

3. Tone and Playability
Considering our strict quality standards, you may expect the SE guidelines to try out and seem great out of the box. Intonation, action, and tuning stability are important! !/ During the study and improvement these designs, we put the bar high for tone and playability we anticipated, and we believe we hit the mark.

4. Cost
The SE Standards are affordable, only $499. Even more hardworking musicians can afford a PRS without breaking the bank.

5. You Don't Need To Upgrade
Whenever new guitarists tend to be learning to play, they will certainly typically begin with a sub-par instrument. In the event that SE traditional is your very first choice, you won’t need certainly to upgrade to “real” electric guitar - you have got one! And you’ll become more satisfied with your tone.

Bonus: All of the SE guidelines come with a gig bag! It is possible to journey to your tutorial or gig in style without hurting the new infant.

Take a look at the SE traditional designs here!

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