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Reunion Blues was making the world’s most readily useful gig bags for pretty much 40 many years, in addition to new RBX gig case range signifies a fusion of our passion for quality while the want to make a reasonable, lightweight, and defensive gig bag ideal for artists on the road. The essence for this passion is represented inside’s streamlined aesthetic design, from Quilted Chevron outside to your padded Blue Luster liner. The RBX security system functions a lightweight multi-layer foam surround with strategically put influence panels, and a dense foam neck cradle and endpin remainder that maintain the guitar safe. Padded backpack straps, a subway grip, and Reunion Blues signature Zero G handle make navigating around town very simple. A big but low profile pocket includes a cable loop and organizer and sufficient storage without incorporating bulk. And greatest of all of the, the RBX gig case features Reunion Blues Limited Lifetime Warranty. The Gig Bag, Reinvented.™

  • Fits most solid-body electric guitars
  • Durable, waterproof Quilted Chevron exterior
  • RBX Protection program featuring lightweight multi-layer foam surround, strategically put impact panels, multi-layer foam neck cradle and end-pin rest
  • Zero-G handle
  • Padded backpack straps with integrated subway grip
  • Huge low-profile front side pocket with cable loop and organizer
  • Padded Blue Luster coating
  • Restricted Life Warranty
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