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saga kit buildFrom YouTuber John Morton comes this tale kit build movie of their TC-10 Telecaster. The tale TC-10 Electric Guitar Kit features easy to follow instructions and is a fantastic first project in just several quick tools. This is certainly possible considering that the kit comes filled with all of the tough parts done. Including, all shaping together with routing for the human body and throat are that includes the kit as delivered. All holes tend to be pre-drilled while the electronic devices are full and ready for set up without any soldering needed. All of the system builder has to do is select the color system, assemble the parts and play.

This is actually the Saga kit build movie, with an increase of information on the kit below:

Tale System Build Specifications

Body Material: Solid Basswood
Bridge: Chrome-plated Brass / Adjustable Saddles
Fingerboard & Inlays: Indian Rosewood / Pearloid Dots
Finish: Polyester Sanding Sealer
Neck Material: Solid Maple
Nut Information: Pre-shaped Plastic
Nut Width: 1 11/16″
Pickguard: Multi-ply White Plastic
Pickup Selector Change: 3-way
Scale Length: 25.5″
Truss Rod: 2-way Adjustable
Tuners: Chrome-plated / Closed-gear / Small Metal Buttons
Amount & Tone Controls: 1 Volume / 1 Tone (250K containers)

Tale Kit Develop Properties

System includes all components and directions to construct a total, playable electric guitar

The tale Kit develop Body is constructed of all choose Basswood- shaping and routing is total
Solid Select Maple neck with a fretted Rosewood fingerboard

Adjustable truss pole

All hardware is greatly nickel-plated electronic devices tend to be complete and ready for installation- no soldering required

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