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Many are familiar with our McCarty guitar, but few comprehend the importance behind this design.

The storyline starts with Paul Reed Smith’s desire for the fantastic era of electric guitar building, considered by many to own held it's place in the late 1950’s and very early 1960’s. During this time period, a guy by the name of Ted McCarty ended up being a pioneer of this guitar and also the drum industry. He served as vice-president of Gibson Guitar Corporation in 1949 and later as president from 1950-1966. McCarty ended up being accountable for a number of patents and innovations including the humbucking pickup, Explorer, Flying V, SG, and Firebird to name a few.

During Paul’s substantial research regarding the electric guitar inside 1980’s, he proceeded to see McCarty’s name among patents. He had been urged by a buddy to achieve off to Ted McCarty and interview him. Paul went to Ted and formed a wonderful commitment with him. Consequently, Ted McCarty became a mentor and dear buddy to Paul plus the PRS business.

/Paul called on Ted to consult him on various guitar design and manufacturing techniques as well as in 1994 a new electric guitar design ended up being introduced - the McCarty. This electric guitar became Paul’s tribute to Ted and a tangible way to pay homage to Ted’s history of development. The McCarty model included the total spectral range of methods and understanding Paul had attained from Ted and his or her own experiences as a guitar builder.

In the character of Paul and Ted’s wish to have continued development, we are happy to reintroduce the McCarty with updated specifications for 2015, our 30th anniversary 12 months.

Have a look at video below to hear Paul elaborate on his important relationship with Ted.

The brand new PRS McCarty design functions a somewhat thicker right back for enhanced tone and maintain while the brand new 58/15 treble and bass pickups, of in person created by Paul Reed Smith. 58/15’s tend to be a vintage style pickup with exceptional quality and centered midrange. Extra appointments consist of a push/pull tone control with a 3-way toggle pickup switch for a total palette of shades, a bound rosewood fretboard, and PRS stoptail connection.

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