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Acoustic Flat Top Guitar Model Ideas:


  • All Fender acoustic flat-top guitars have actually 2 screws inside pickguard, 6 on-a-side tuner configuration (except the Vintage and Folk), and a bolt-on throat with a material throat dish regarding back. For the most part serial quantity follow the electric models. However in some situations, they do not. The season information here should always be taken prior to the serial number. That's, if the serial number indicated 1956 therefore the model tips claims it absolutely was just made from 1965 to 1971, after that believe the design information!

    Fender fundamentally took the design concepts that made their particular electric guitar models famous, and applied all of them with their acoustic flat top electric guitar designs. Unfortuitously, this designed for bad sounding and terrible searching level tops. Fender flat tops have no vintage collectibility. The Wildwood and Brazilian rosewood models are visually interesting and cool to check out (especially the funky coloured Wildwoods), but don't have any genuine classic worth. Fender acoustics are a footnote in Fender's history. Many people enquire about all of them because they're designed for a cheap price. Therefore I produced this web page.

King, Kingman electric guitar.
Collectibility Rating: F
  • Dreadnought form this is certainly 15 5/8" wide, 20" long, spruce top, mahogany as well as edges (optional Brazilian rosewood, Indian Rosewood, Zebrawood or Vermilion), multiple certain top, back and solitary bound fingerboard, flexible saddles, 25.5" scale size, dot fingerboard inlays, chrome plated parts.
    • Introduced in late 1963. Normal finish.
    • Renamed Kingman in 1966. Available in sunburst or natural top.
    • Maple, rosewood or vermilion back and edges optional.
    • Antigua finish (silver to black colored sunburst), black plus some custom color finishes obtainable in 1968.
    • Discontinued 1971.
    Wildwood electric guitar.
    Collectibility Rating: F
    • Exactly like a, however with dyed beechwood back and sides, 3 ply beveled advantage pickguard, block fingerboard inlay, matching dyed peghead. Dyed colors include green, gold, brown, purple, dark-blue, purple-blue or blue-green.
      • Introduced in late 1966.
      Concert electric guitar.
      Collectibility Rating: F
      • The same as a, but 19" long, single-ply pickguard, 20 fret unbound fingerboard.
        • Introduced in belated 1963.
        • Dot fingerboard inlays, mahogany rosewood, vermilion or zebrawood optioal in 1966.
        • Sunburst finish optional in 1968.
        • Discontinued 1970.
        Classic electric guitar.
        Collectibility Rating: F
        • Traditional strings, 19 fret fingerboard, traditional connection with cycle anchored strings, slotted peghead, no pickguard, recommended as well as sides of Brazilian rosewood, Indian rosewood, or maple.
          • Discontinued 1966.
          People guitar.
          Collectibility Rating: F
          • Similar to the, but metal strings and connection, tortoise pickguard.
            • Discontinued 1964.
            Shenandoah guitar.
            Collectibility Rating: F
            • A 12 string form of the, with mahogany back and edges and dot fingerboard inlays.
              • Introduced in 1965.
              • Antigua finish (silver to black sunburst) optional in 1967.
              • Sunburst or black colored finish recommended in 1968.
              Malibu guitar.
              Collectibility Rating: F
              • 14 7/8" broad, mahogany back and sides, single bound top, 25.5" scale, dot fingerboard inlays, sunburst or mahogany or black colored finish.
                Villager electric guitar.
                Collectibility Rating: F
                • A 12 string form of the .
                  • Sunburst finish recommended in 1969.
                  Palomino electric guitar.
                  Collectibility Rating: F
                  • 15 3/8" wide, triple bound top and right back, 25.5" scale, dot fingerboard inlays, synthetic tuner buttons, sunburst or mahogany or black colored vermilion finish.
                    • Introduced in 1968.
                    Newporter guitar.
                    Collectibility Rating: F
                    • 14 3/8" wide, mahogany as well as edges, solitary bound top, unbound back, 25.5" scale, dot fingerboard inlays.
                      • Introduced in 1965 with spruce top.
                      • Mahogany top, 3 ply pickguard, black finish (recommended) by 1968.
                      Redondo guitar.
                      Collectibility Rating: F
                      • Just like a, but spruce top.
                        • Introduced in 1969.
                        Other Misc. Guitar Versions.
                        Collectibility Rating: F
                        • F-Series electric guitar.
                          Japanese made, three to five screws in pickguard, standard throat heel, 2 or 4 outline forms on peghead, 3 on a part tuner setup. Numerous steel and plastic string models made. Introduced in 1969. By 1972, no screws in pickguard, Martin style teardrop pickguard, plunge at center top of peghead, Fender script logo. Discontinued in 1979.

                          Harmony Made Fender Acoustic guitars.
                          Numerous models created by Harmony from early 1970's on middle 1970's.

                          Tarrega Classic guitars.
                          Swedish made ancient models offered by 1963 to 1969.

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