Active pickup 5 string bass

Double Neck Bass and Electric Guitar

#1019 Grand 16" Baritone 12-String

A giant piano-like noise leaps from this great looking guitar. It features a 26-1/8" measure tuned right down to B (or A) and plays like a dream.It's identical to pieces had by Happy Traum and Colin Hay. Sitka Spruce top, Mahogany straight back, edges and neck.

$3950 call us

#762 Journeyman Baritone 12 sequence. Amazing!

Mahogany human body and neck, quilted maple top, magnetized and piezo pickups. 26.1" scale size. The Journeyman series keeps the feel, vibe and sound of an acoustic with a set top, D-Tar piezo pickup, and Duncan magnetized. It's an acoustic-style pinless wooden bridge. Designed to function as the ultimate phase and recording baritone, these devices offer an exceptionally practical acoustic tone, with added sustain and punch from solid body. Without any for the feedback, fragility, and size of a traditional hollow human body electric guitar, the Journeyman Baritone electric may be the ideal option for any amplified acoustic application. Our proprietary throat tilt device unites the best facets of acoustic and electric bridges, providing the tone of a fixed wooden bridge using adjustability and serviceability of a metal system.

$2400 Contact us

#1012 Merlin - A full octave up-and breathtaking!

This Ebony-bodied Merlin is loud and nice. Tuned an octave above standard tuning. This design is becoming an actual preferred for studio people, working musicians, and anyone looking for a genuine alternative to mandolins minus the learning bend and/or tight fingerboard spacing..

Sitka Spruce top, Ebony right back & edges, Mahogany throat with super-light titanium truss rod. Ebony bridge & tailpiece, Hipshot lightweight tuners and a 16-1/8 scale length

90 e mail us

#1021 Paris 5-string fresh and fabulous!

This Paris 5-string may be the latest iteration of our Paris blended mag/piezo killer fretless. The fantastic wood noise of a chambered bass with a hot Citron electric pickup, recreate our poplular hybrid with a totally height-adjustable, intonatable Hipshot bridge. The poplar body is capped with a figured maple top, lined fretless pau ferro fingerboard. Scale length 34" Weight 7lb 10oz

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