Universal Shaped Electric

Universal Electric Guitar Case

FINALLY. A SENSIBLE, ELEGANT CASE THAT OUTPERFORMS WOOD AND PLASTIC. Whenever we set out to develop a brand new instance, we understood it had a great deal to meet. That is why we invested three years thinking through every detail of the RB Continental, a revolutionary fusion of strength and style. The RB Continental's waterproof ballistic Quadraweave outside surrounds a lightweight Flexoskeleton defense system of 1" thick high-density foam and EVA effect panels that gives sufficient security to endure a 40-foot fall without plenty as a nick or scratch. (we realize because we attempted it. As soon as practicing the guitar inside emerged unscathed, we made it happen once again only for fun.) In, a velvet tuck inside lining, solid-cell throat brace suspension system system, and thick Softmesh-lined part panels cradle your instrument in a cocoon of scuff-proof deluxe. And its particular Zero G palm-contoured handle with weight distributing foam core, knurled scratching grid on the top and bottom to resist scuffing, and hideaway backpack straps were created for getting around in the real-world. The RB Continental is all you'd anticipate from Reunion Blues, at a cost that is nearly too good to be real.

  • Neck brace suspension system with adjustable, locking security strap.
  • Inside protector pads at headstock and endpin.
  • EVA-reinforced laptop computer compatible multi-pocket.
  • Rubberized headstock pocket.

*First generation case shown, current generation Continental case cannot include headstock or front slash pockets.

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