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Fender’s Acoustasonic 90 could be the perfect little amp for guitar player on the road.

Fender is many famous because of its guitar amps, which date back into those produced by Leo Fender himself in 1940s. The pipe amps that organization stated in subsequent decades, classified by their cosmetics—tweed, blond, brownface, and blackface, with design names such as the Twin, Deluxe, Champ, and Princeton—are being among the most coveted of all of the vintage amps. But in 1999, Fender embraced the acoustic guitar using the introduction regarding the Acoustasonic amp. Now a classic, this has starred in many variations, each providing great new functions towards the fundamental system.

The Seems & Layout

The Acoustasonic 90 is very small at about 15 ins tall by 19 inches broad and 10 inches deep. Getting the good looking, vintage-inspired combination of a tan tolex covering and brown control panel, the amp looks a lot like the 150 that AG evaluated into the April 2012 concern. But a closer assessment reveals your 90 is basically a streamlined version of that amp. The 90 has a little less energy (90 watts rather than 150) and will not through the 150’s Voicing and String Dynamics manages from the forward panel or even the results loop and USB port on the back panel. Missing, also, would be the 150’s steel tilt-back legs, accustomed project the noise.

The design of Acoustasonic 90’s control interface is uncluttered and user friendly. There are two main individual channels, identical except that certain includes a jack for accepting a quarter-inch instrument plug whilst other includes a mic/instrument jack that simply take both an instrument connect or an XLR connect while providing phantom energy (+15VDC). Each station includes a volume control; a feedback-elimination option; treble, center, and bass settings; a knob for opening an array of time-based digital effects; and a knob managing their particular level.

The amp’s power switch is regarding rear panel, along side a well-balanced XLR out, for interfacing with exterior sound reinforcement; a quarter-inch footswitch jack, accepting Fender’s optional two-button footswitch ($69.99 street—ouch!), for turning on and off the electronic results on each station; and a ground-lift button. While I wish to have observed a level control the result, I was pleased to get the 90 includes a handy function missing from 150—an eighth-inch additional input making it possible for a playback unit like an mp3 player or smart phone becoming patched into the amp, for jamming along side accompaniment.

acoustasonic.back Robust Sound & Lush Effects

I plugged an Ovation Celebrity traditional Plus to the Acoustasonic 90 and dialed in a set EQ on both guitar plus the amplifier to test the amp’s noise, then performed exactly the same with a Gibson American Eagle. With both guitars, the 90 had an immediately satisfying noise, wealthy and natural, with no of the tubbiness or stridency related to an amplified acoustic guitar—a noise that was constant even as I edged the quantity up past five. The 90 is plenty loud at higher amount amounts, definitely sufficient adequate for usage in a medium-capacity location.

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