Electric Guitar Packages for Beginners

Home town stocks affordable, high quality beginner packages for both acoustic and electric guitar and electric bass. Package access often varies dependent on what our sellers have in stock.

We additionally stock 1/2, & 3/4 size acoustic guitars.
(Plus a variety of ukuleles which make great novice devices)

Ibanez Acoustic Jam Packs

Perfect for beginning pupils, Jam Packs come with “Everything you ought to get away and Jam”-guitar, electric tuner, gig bag and much more. Every jam-pack electric guitar is independently inspected and functions a small life time warranty.

I’ve talked with countless people during the last 25+ years and lots of have a similar really useful and logical issue. They need the most affordable package they could get whilst still being feel well about having their particular son or daughter use it to master to relax and play.

They don’t would you like to tie up extra cash whenever they’re uncertain their child will probably persist for enough time to understand to relax and play. Alternatively nobody desires a guitar that prevents you against learning! A guitar that is too much to relax and play or appears so very bad that it kills the inspiration of anybody who tries to play it is the easiest way to make sure your child does not stay with it.

If that’s what your location is, after that Ibanez gets the package for you. This tend to be genuine, full-size guitars that perform correctly and are made to endure forever. The guitars alone can be worth the cost of the package and the included accessories succeed an outstanding value.

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