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Vintage Kay Electric Guitars

Every since we can keep in mind these NOT Fender or Gibson Guitar have been in existence. Yes, the when off brands. These people were acquiesced by numerous famous performers of history. Now collectors get crazy for all of them and they are not off brands any longer. We are a lot more than pleased to carry The Kay Reissue Guitar Line at Guitar Boutique. The standard of Kay Reissue Guitars and their Personalized Two Tone Cases are fabulous. These guitars possess look, feel, and noise that turn heads to visit your beauty. Take a look at a few of the Kay Guitars we've in stock. If you don't see it call us at Maybe we don't list it yet. You can visit The Kay Reissue Guitar Site online and we'll get that beauty, set it up, and you should have a treasure. To check out the Kay Reissue Line Just Click Here.

If you don't see a tag on straight back of the headstock practicing the guitar could be a 2nd B Stock, unlicensed goods, or taken home. These electric guitar lack a serial quantity and ARE NOT COVERED under Kay Warranty. All of our Kay Reissued Guitars are Factory Firsts A Stock Guitars for all of us Distribution. Also at Guitar Boutique all guitars are entirely examined and setup for optimum playability.

The K161 Kay slim Twin guitar had been initially introduced in 1952 and ended up being known as the "Jimmy Reed" or "Howlin' Wolf" model. T-Bone Burnett played a Thin Twin to support Robert Plant and Allison Krause at the 2009 Grammy honors. The slim Twin was the very first electric guitar able to produce that unique blues noise from unique Kay interior bracing that made the tool a well liked among blues players also rockers associated with '50s and '60s. The slim Twin got its title from its two-blade pickups, recognized for their unique clean, sharp, sustaining noise. The slim Twin's hollowbody chamber parallel bracing creates that gutsy, bluesy, raw sound, producing on a clean natural distortion without comments.

Below is the Kay K161VB Blonde. 9.99 which includes a Kay Personalized Case.

Kay K161VCS Cherry Sunburst. 9.99 which includes custom situation.

In the cutting edge of electric guitar design and extremely famous, revered and accumulated associated with Kay electric guitars. The Jazz II is an exceptionally functional tool for stage and studio, having the ability to deliver a range of noises from cozy jazz to rock-n-roll. Being among the most notable performers during the early 60's had been 17 yr old Eric Clapton, which used the Kay Jazz II with his first musical organization "The Roosters". Hitting beauty, tone and playability makes this electric guitar an overall champion in almost any type of songs and a vintage-chic that'll consistently wow the crowd. Under could be the Kay K775VS Ice Tea Burst. Require cost including a Kay Custom Case.

Here's a created 1961-65 Rare Kay Speed Demon in radiant red. The colour is a lot nearer to the very first photo, (digital camera light washout, sorry). She's all initial and also as near mint as you're able find. This thin-line semi acoustic/electric solitary cutaway has actually style on design. Note the pointed headstock and Kay Logo on it. A delightful exemplory case of the 60's on fire. 9.99

Kay K-102 Vanguard 2 Pickup Guitar- This guitar had been produced from 1961-66 and it is winner for being a students low cost guitar of that time. She's in above exemplary condition practically mint. We are going to allow the images speak on their own. All original and is sold with chipboard period situation. $699.99

1960's Kay Model 703 with unique Shipping package- Like whenever performed anybody keep a shipping field within the 60's? This is certainly possibly the just one around. This pipe amp is within next to perfect problem. The one and only thing we discovered could be the 8" Jensen Speaker might have been an upgrade. Speaker looks like equivalent period however these amps was included with a stock smaller magnet presenter. Amp checker out to maintain good working order. Tolex, barbeque grill, handle, all original and without wear/damage. A good find to make use of and for the collection. $499.99

Cool 1960's Kay K-1B SG Style Bass. We all know many people possessed this vintage Kay Bass. These bass guitars were Made in Japan and much such as the Teisco or Harmony Guitar. This one's in excellent problem and simply setup. $299.99

1960's Kay Hollow system Archtop- Here's a slim range archtop, created by Kay, that simply needed to be somebody's first electric guitar. Exceptional over-all condition and sounds/plays wonderful. No fret use and a whammy that you'll love. SOLD

Oh, the Purple Fender Vibro-King with gold equipment? Yes, she's an uncommon bird, but try not to get the hopes up, she is in for a site fix.

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