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Schecter Warranty: when you yourself have extra guarantee concerns, please phone the maker at 800-660-6621

Schecter Royal Acoustic-Electric Guitar (alongside Situation) Item Information

Same Day Music is an
authorized Schecter supplier

The Schecter Royal is exactly what you want in an acoustic-electric electric guitar. Packed on hilt with solid acoustic tone and onboard Fishman electronics, the field of acoustic guitars couldn't look any brighter. Made with a solid Indian rosewood body and a solid spruce top with a sunburst complete the Royal is a matriarch of intricate information combined with playability you expect from Schecter design.


- Solid spruce top with solid Indian rosewood back and sides
- Mahogany throat with dove end building
- 20-fret rosewood fingerboard
- Fishman Prefix Plus T preamp
- Includes Schecter classical guitar situation

Same Day Music is an authorized dealer of Schecter services and products.

Schecter Royal Technical Description

Building: Dove Tail Set Neck

Top: Solid Spruce

Back and Sides: Solid Indian Rosewood

Neck: Mahogany

Scale: 25.5-inches

Fingerboard: Rosewood

Frets: 20

Inlays: Cream Dots

Binding: Lotion

Electronics: Fishman Prefix Plus T

Bridge: Rosewood with Graphtech Tusq Nut

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