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The research

Whenever my old friend Brian at Musician's Friend approached myself about something review that would take-over 8 weeks to accomplish and would include all of my stringed tools, I became a little leery. When he added that i'd get a goodly availability of Dean Markley Blue metal strings plus whatever strings i needed to compare them to in the discount, the offer seemed quite a bit sweeter.

When I place a couple of Blue Steels to my Martin D-28 and hit that very first a small add nine chord, the deal seemed fantastic. From very first blush these are demonstrably exceptional strings, high in harmonic overtones and highs that are defined not brittle. There were positively cozy tinglies happening, but I had to acknowledge that i feel because of this whenever I put-on a new set of strings. We play all my guitars and my bass plenty. And, considering laziness and parsimoniousness, we will put-off string changes a few weeks more than I should.

To get all over perceptual problem of the new-string thrill, we laid down some digital songs with my awesome stereo condenser mike (the best mike for tracking classical guitar I have you ever heard) while I had the Blue Steels on. However took all of them down and put on a brand new set of my old favorites and recorded the exact same piece through the same mike with the same guitar.

Making use of the two original units of strings, I alternated them in periods of just one few days from the guitar and something few days off for eight days, playing them about an hour just about every day. At the end of weekly we recorded the exact same bit of music with similar setup. This lead to four tracks for every single collection of strings, each recording on strings which had today been played for per week longer than regarding previous recording. Nearly medical, possibly, but we thought it made myself a great deal more in a position to assess objectively. I implemented exactly the same procedure with my ES-335 and my Rickenbacker 4003 bass (albeit with some a shorter time a day on instruments). It was some work, but I hoped to understand some thing. And I did.

The results

Comparing the 2 classical guitar tracks of that first day, my old favorites (great strings in their own personal right) organized to your Blue Steels pretty much. The Blue Steels outshone them but didn't clobber them. Both sets of strings had that brilliant, crisp, new-string tone with all the sparkling luxury. Nevertheless mic seemed to respond only a little far better to the Blue Steels-the midrange felt fuller. Otherwise the strings were fairly similar whenever brand-new.

Within the week-two recordings there clearly was currently a far more noticeable difference between the 2 units of strings. My old preferences had mellowed when you look at the higher end, equally if someone had rolled from the top few notches from the graphic EQ. The Blue Steels i will hear no huge difference anyway through the week-one tracks.

The week-three tracks created more remarkable results. The old favorites tend to be evidencing a critical high-end degradation and loss of harmonic overtones. The Blue Steels having said that however sound brand new. When comparing them into week-one recordings I am able to hear an improvement in high end (only) but it is very slight.

By the final recordings, the essential difference between the two units of electric guitar strings is impressive. Admittedly, the Blue Steels have actually mellowed a bit, but set alongside the old preferences they sound completely new. The old preferences had obtained that old, lifeless feeling and noise. They certainly were stiffer and less responsive at all frequencies and completely gone in top end. The Blue Steels however sound punchy and bright, and even produced many those gorgeous harmonic overtones.

The Blue Steel Electrical strings fared equally well. They exhibited an equivalent design to the acoustics and really wound up surpassing the other strings when it comes to their elasticity. By few days four the old favorites had become rigid old dogs additionally the Blue Steels still thought as silky and elastic as day I put them on.

The first situation with my bass was a little various because I'dn't changed strings originally for a long time. I had no idea just how dead and sustain-free they'd come to be until We placed on the Blue metal Bass strings. The difference was astonishing. It was like having a fresh instrument. Once I tried a fresh collection of my old favorites in contrast, there clearly was no contrast. The Blue Steels were much more responsive, produced more maintain, and had high-end to spare.

Within the weeks of evaluating, I could detect no distinction at all within the Blue Steel Bass strings' tone while my old favorites moved from bad to even worse rapidly. Demonstrably my old preferred bass strings sucked, although the Blue Steels were amazing performers that presented their sizzling tone for many weeks to come.

The reasons

Let me make it clear and without exception, all three kinds of Blue Steel strings outperformed my old preferences in just about every dimension—high-end sparkle, midrange punch, elasticity, and particularly longevity. But how is it feasible? Odd as it may seem, this fantastic performance is attained by having the strings actually, actually stinkin' cold. A liquid nitrogen process takes all of them down to –320° for an exacting period of time, after that gradually comes back them for their initial temperature. –320° is colder than the surface of Neptune, that is about 48 million miles from sunshine.

This severe cold makes the metal of this sequence so thick it actually realigns the particles, transforming the alloy into some thing beyond it self, something really amazing. Why doesn't every sequence maker perform some cryogenic thing? In fact, many have. But Dean's precision proprietary procedure (which will be a commercial secret not really i possibly could pry out of them) provides more constant high quality. I'm completely sold on the Blue Steels. Provided they keep making all of them, I'll hold purchasing them.

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