Bass Guitar with Gig Bag

JB Player Acoustic electric Guitars

SX guitars provide great sound and excellent high quality. The range features acoustic, electro-acoustic and electric guitars that are perfect novice instruments. SX has the correct guitar within right price for virtually any player.

The SX acoustic range functions D design, small human anatomy and cutaway guitars with great requirements including good diecast machine heads and rosewood fingerboards. The acoustic kits have everything a novice might need to get playing and electro-acoustic kits have a suitable acoustic amp.

SX electric guitars have SC, TC, LP and SG models along with bass guitars.

With features including maple necks, rosewood or maple fingerboards and high quality pickups, SX guitars don't just look great, they sound good also.

SX electric guitars can be found as kits with amps or as guitar only and supply outstanding affordable. SX electric guitar packages contain all you need to begin mastering the electric guitar: a quality amp and cable, along with a gig case, guitar band, tuner and picks. For the first guitar, SX is the brand to choose

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