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Finding out what kind of interface i would like

Although the variety of interfaces is huge, you will find just a few key considerations that will help hone in on an user interface that produces good sense for your recording requires, music, and spending plan.

These are generally:

  • Just what inputs and outputs (I/O) do i would like?
  • What kind of computer/device connection do I need?
  • Exactly what amount of audio quality do I need?
  • What’s my spending plan?

From the Musician’s Friend website we make the procedure of sorting through these requirements effortless. When you’re from the page because of the entire audio program collection, you'll filter the outcome using these criteria (among others):

  • Price
  • Wide range of analog inputs
  • Connection kinds
  • Digital I/O
  • Computer system

We’ll address each one of these factors below.

Exactly what inputs and outputs (I/O) do i would like?

Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 USB Audio softwareThis is perhaps one of the most crucial considerations when shopping for an audio screen. You can find numerous different options readily available. In the basic degree, you’ll uncover easy two-channel desktop computer interfaces that can record just a couple of mono indicators or just one stereo sign at a time. At the various other end of this scale, you will find larger program systems that may manage dozens—even hundreds—of networks and lots of inputs at the same time. What you need comes down as to the you intend to record today plus tomorrow.

For singer-songwriters who would like to capture their particular sound and classical guitar using microphones, a set of balanced mic inputs can be all that’s required. If either regarding the mics is a condenser type you’ll need an input with phantom power to energize it. However, additionally consider that you might desire to record your electric guitar in stereo sooner or later while at the same time performing. In cases like this, two inputs would-be inadequate, and a four feedback screen would-be needed.

If you’re likely to be playing an electric bass, guitar, or electric keyboard you want for connecting directly to your recording setup, you’ll need an instrument-level input, often referred to as a “high-Z input.”

Line 6 POD Studio UX2The range 6 Sonic Port VX targets singer-songwriters with on-board stereo/mono condenser mics wearing excellent preamps and a complete number of I/O to work well with all of your tools and equipment. It really works with virtually any DAW running on a Mac or Computer as well as iOS applications.

Check-out how the Sonic Port VX can be used each step of this way in creating a release-ready tune.

What kind of computer/device connectivity do i would like?

Using the surge in recording making use of computers and iOS devices eg smartphones and pills, many interfaces are actually designed to work seamlessly with them along with the pc software and applications these devices operate. Here you will find the most frequent connection types:

USB: You’ll find USB 2.0 and 3.0 harbors on virtually all newer computers, both Macs and PCs. Lots of the interfaces designed to make use of USB draw their power from the computer or any other host product making all of them ideal for for mobile recording rigs. Most iOS-enabled products connect with the audio software utilizing USB.

FireWire: discovered mainly on Mac computers and interfaces intended for usage with Apple gear, it gives consistent, high-speed data transfer which makes it well-suited to multi-channel recording. PC proprietors also can use Firewire by installing an expansion card in their computer. New Apple laptop computer and desktops have speedy Thunderbolt ports—see next entry.

Thunderbolt: This brand-new high-bandwidth Intel technology is currently set up from the newest Mac computer systems. It can also be used on PCs equipped with Thunderbolt choice cards. It gives exemplary data transfer rates and very reasonable latency performance for most demanding computer-based recording.

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