Taylor Electric Guitars for sale

Our selection of Taylor Guitars Of Distinction represent a number of the finest instruments produced by Taylor - custom shop models, limited-editions, Sam Ash Exclusives plus. Hand-picked by our electric guitar experts, each one of these instruments is individually photographed. The only you notice could be the one you get!

Sam Ash is happy to offer a selection of Taylor Guitars Custom store designs. These tools have now been individually designed, making use of an abundant assortment of good tone woods, unique inlays, customized bindings and stunning finishes. If you should be in search of a truly outstanding Taylor Guitar, start here.

Get A Hold Of Your Taylor Figure

Taylor Acoustic Guitars may be found in many different size and shapes, in order to select an electric guitar that suits your playing style and seems great in your hands. The bigger bodies are ideal for big-rich sound, even though the narrower models are excellent for travel and convenience. Just click on a body form above to see our collection of Taylors inside favorite size and shape:

  • Standard form with strong large and reduced end presence and a scooped mid-range with a powerful output. Great for strummers and bluegrass people.

    Swiss Army Knife of forms with a good balance of reduced, mid and highs and appropriate all playing styles and player kinds.

    Smallest human anatomy with less overtones and a shorter scale, that also includes the 12-fret designs.

    Huge strong strummer with a far more effective low-end as compared to Grand Auditorium and larger result.

    Biggest and deepest body with a mixture of scallop and parabolic bracing that is ideal for method strummers and finger style players alike.

About Taylor Guitars

Taylor Guitars promotes the ball player to suit up their particular playing kind and set by using a combination of 5 different human body forms and a mix of tone forests over the entire sonic palette to produce the correct sonic fit for the people’ requirements. Indian Rosewood and Ovangkol yield a strong bass and treble response which can be suitable for singer songwriters requiring a sizable sonic impact. Sapele and Tropical Mahogany generate a warm midrange which can be ideal for players in a multiple-guitar arrangement, the recording studio, or an acoustic jazz ensemble. Maple is the most clear of tone forests and shows the player’s nuances and assault, letting it be cozy and powerful or with strong cut-in a live mix or recording. Regarding body dimensions, the strong strummers will prefer the Grand Symphony, Dreadnought and Grand Orchestra designs because of their energy, headroom and reasonable end reaction. Fingerstyle people will gravitate to your Grand Concert and 12-Fret Grand Concert Shapes. The overall player will nevertheless get the Grand Auditorium the form most appreciated for the stability and contemporary vocals. All Taylor Guitars feature a solid top for optimum tonal resonance and sound, and include either a deluxe hard shell case or a Taylor gig bag.

Taylor Guitars Expression System Electronics

Taylor Acoustic Electric Guitars function Taylor Guitar’s exclusive Expression System 2 (ES2) electronic devices from the 100 Series all the way through towards Personalized store guitars. The Taylor Expression System 2 (ES2) is a revolutionary pickup design that provides the most recent in Taylor's ongoing innovation in classical guitar amplification. The center of this Expression System 2 is Taylor’s proprietary behind-the-saddle pickup, which features three exclusively situated and separately calibrated piezo-crystal based detectors. The positioning associated with detectors makes it possible for a more dynamic variety of acoustic noise to be captured than previously while delivering a really vibrant and balanced production. And Taylor's custom-designed pro audio-grade preamp, the ES2 produces exceptional amplified tone and responsiveness. The electronic devices tend to be active with need settings regarding electric guitar for bass, treble, and amount boost or cut. This will make it plug-and-play friendly both for music artists and live noise mixers.

The Taylor Guitars Collection

(Baby Taylor, Big Baby Taylor): Solid spruce or mahogany top, sapele layered back/sides.
Layered Sapele or Layered Rosewood back/sides, Sitka Spruce (Layered Sapele, Layered Rosewood) or Mahogany top (Layered Sapele).
100 Series: Solid spruce top, sapele layered back/sides.
200 Series: Rosewood, koa, or sapele laminate back/sides. Solid spruce top.
200 Deluxe Series: ES2 electronic devices, little diamond fretboard inlays, and hard-shell situation.
300 show: Sapele or Tasmanian Blackwood back/sides, Sitka Spruce (Sapele back/sides) or Mahogany top (Tasmanian Blackwood back/sides).
400 Series: Ovangkol back/sides, Sitka spruce top.
400 Series Rosewood: Rosewood back/sides, Sitka Spruce top.
500 Series: Mahogany back/sides, Western Red Cedar (Grand Concert, Grand Auditorium), Lutz Spruce (Grand Symphony, Dreadnought) or Mahogany top (Grand Concert, Grand Auditorium, Grand Symphony, Dreadnought).
600 Series: Maple back and edges with torrified Sitka spruce top, necessary protein glues, 3.5 mil finish and Ebony binding, right back strap and pickguard.
700 Series: Indian Rosewood back/sides, Lutz Spruce top
800 Series: Indian rosewood back and sides, necessary protein glues, 3.5 mil finish, smoked Ebony fretboards, rosewood pickguard and nickel hardware.
900 Series: AA Indian rosewood as well as sides trimmed in Koa purfling, AA Sitka spruce top, Ebony armrest, binding and right back strap.
Koa Series: Hawaiian koa straight back, sides, and top (spruce top optional).
Presentation Series: Macassar Ebony as well as sides, and please add Paua shell body and neck trim.
Signature Model Guitars: Jason Mraz

Taylor Electric Guitars

Taylor T5z: The T5z features a human anatomy dimensions that is scaled-down that original T5 with a fretboard much more worthy of electric guitarists, including jumbo frets and a 12” neck radius. Like all models into the T5 series, the T5z is completely electric with a full range acoustic environment, making use of a five-way toggle switch and on-board tone controls that unleash limitless tonal options.

Obtainable in Classic (Mahogany top), Standard (Spruce top), Pro (Maple top) and Personalized (Hawaiian Koa top) designs, the hollow human body T5 is the better of both globes - acoustic and electric. With two humbucker pickups and and an acoustic human body sensor, The T5 enables you to A/B your sound circulation to move between acoustic and electric amps or mix them and create brand-new sounds suited to your thing.

Taylor T3: built with an original coil-splitting application, the T3 lets players switch between killer humbucker and single-coil sounds with one electric guitar. You'll go for a stop tailpiece or a Bigsby with a specially designed roller connection to get rid of the pitch issues generally discovered with vibrato systems.

The Reason Why Purchase Your Taylor Guitar From Sam Ash?

Sam Ash is a totally authorized premiere Taylor Guitars dealer in order to buy your Taylor guitar with full confidence once you understand you will obtain a fresh factory-fresh tool with a completely guarantee. Plus we guarantee that you'll get your Taylor electric guitar on guaranteed cheapest price - and we also straight back that up before and after the purchase. Fast, free shipping, also! Need suggestions about selecting the most appropriate Taylor guitar? Call one of our Taylor factory trained specialists at 1-800-472-6274 between 9AM and 11PM EST. They can assist you to figure out which model Taylor is better obtainable as well as your playing style.

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