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Electric Guitar Display Case

ACOUSTIC_REMEDYAcoustic Remedy ClimaStand
Price: $899 (walnut)
Info: www.acousticremedycases.com

Most players have one electric guitar they wish to show in a manner that permits all of them to take pleasure from its beauty while keeping it easy to get at. But if you have got animals or young children, or inhabit a dry environment, it’s just not safe to leave those guitars sitting call at a stand or on a wall. Acoustic Remedy instances provides an appealing solution to this dilemma featuring its ClimaStand floor-display cases.

Guitar display cases aren't anything brand-new, but Acoustic treatment cofounders Ryan Sauter and Adam Jacobson present a brand new perspective on idea. Instead of a typical rectangular glass-front instance that hangs regarding wall surface or a big multi-instrument floor instance, they’ve a developed a triangular wedge-shaped single-guitar show instance with an integrated tilt-back flooring stand.

The Acoustic treatment situation comes well-packed in two cardboard boxes lined with 1″ ridged Sttyrofoam. One of the cardboard boxes contains the instance itself, completely assembled, together with other provides the floor stand (some installation required). Additionally included tend to be a small electronic humidistat/thermometer, two earth Waves HuMIDIpaks, and a tiny battery-powered Light-emitting Diode light. The situation tested showcased solid walnut building, a String Swing hanger, a padded backrest, two small raised places regarding the bottom of instance inside the HuMIDIpaks, a magnet to put up the humidistat/thermometer, stainless-steel hardware, and a thick, durable door seal. During the period of weeks, the slow-release HuMIDIpaks, the paid off interior number of the wedge form, the airtight building, and the top-quality home seal led to super-stable moisture amounts around, needing very little upkeep.

The test instance provided by Acoustic treatment ended up being establish in a local retail electric guitar shop to produce a number of electric and acoustic guitars. Consumers regularly commented not merely how cool the way it is looked, but how well it displayed the tools exhibited around.

The design of the Acoustic Remedy ClimaStand provides clean lines that provide it a modern appearance and vibe, and its own classic-hardwood construction and satin finish complement the earthy aspects of any electric guitar presented within its confines, without overshadowing it, whether your child is a $50, 000 Martin or a $500 everyday beater. And it offers definitely better defense as compared to typical stand or cumbersome wall situation.

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