Aurora Mini Electric - Teal

Mini Electric Guitar Kit

cigar package guitarJunksville is a U.K. manufacturer of one-of-a-kind instruments motivated because of the standard cigar-box guitars dating back towards the 1800’s. Utilizing components recycled, scavenged and scrounged, his builds include conventional 3-string cigar-box guitars, gas-can banjos, resonator guitars and solid bodies of 3- 4- 5- and 6-strings. He additionally does custom guitars aided by the feedback of buyer tips.

Featured into the video clip below is Junksville’s latest build, the Deadwood MK-3, a 3-string cigar-box guitar with a poplar human body, maple top, thinline design and one F-hole. You can view through the video clip that guitar is beautifully made, and features a sapele neck with spalted ash fretboard. Among the list of coolest functions will be the Jack Daniels mini-bottle floating bridge, flip-top lighter tail-piece, two Pigsquealer pickups wound on a sewing machine and poker-dice for two volume- and something tone-control knobs.

If you’re unfamiliar with cigar-box guitars it’s well worth noting that there’s truly no standard but open-G tuning is just about the most common. If you’re wondering how to get one of these simple Junksville devices take into account that it is a hobby regarding verge of a company, therefore you’ll must contact the builder at to go over any offered builds or a custom order.

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