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Acoustic Electric Guitar Kit


adorns his family room flooring!
Certainly one of 350 photographs documenting the building regarding the LMI system he familiar with reproduce a Martin HD-28 style guitar. This is certainly a fantastic step-by-step guide.

United States Lutherie Reviews
LMI Guitar System
“If your guitar built from the
LMI kit was my only electric guitar
I would be rather content. . .
it really is probably the best
classical guitar to come
away from my store.”

LMI’s Electric Guitar Kits in addition to Personalized Guitar Wizard

Using LMI Personalized Guitar Wizard you can aquire a classical guitar kit and, if you wish, you can easily alter the contents of one's system. All along, you are kept apprised of kit's price as well as your savings.

The Custom Guitar Wizard starts off with a listing of products and solutions from a classical guitar kit which you choose. then Wizard lets you just take things off the record and guides one to change those things with similar items from practically any place in our warehouse – all the while offering significant “kit”savings! You may want to add numerous products and services to your list besides those currently in the system.

  • If you’re a beginner, you'll personalize your electric guitar with all the confidence that your alternatives are appropriate and complete.
  • If you’re a professional luthier, you should use the Personalized Guitar Wizard to acquire good tonewoods for just one electric guitar, tuners for another, and a throat for a 3rd at substantial savings.
  • If you should be a global Buyer, you can modify a system in order that we could ship it to you! .
  • Additionally, you can get an amazing discount on kit materials that can come from exact same stocks that have developed LMI's track record of quality among expert guitar manufacturers.
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