Hollow Body Electric Guitars

Full Hollow Body Electric Guitars

Reunion Blues bags tend to be crafted from full-grain leathers and dense, dual-layer, high-density foam for ultimate defense. This semi-hollow human anatomy electric guitar bag features a velcro neck band for supreme security and a hanger ring behind the headstock for easy storage space. The flexible shoulder strap makes traveling with this specific beauty a breeze. Soft, tarnish-resistant inside coating cradles your instrument as the zipper-guard foam overlap shields against scratches. Each bag is reinforced at tested tension things and double stitched with extra-strength high tensile thread. The bags are completed with custom plated equipment, including professional strength zippers, extra-strength riveted handles and strap accessories for unsurpassable longevity.

  • Luxurious full-grain leather-based
  • Leather string protectors at headstock and connection
  • Extra-large zippered pocket
  • Limited lifetime guarantee

Item Details

44.5inExternal Width17.7inExternal Height3.2inInternal Length43inInternal Width16.5inInternal Height3in Weight8.3lb MSRP

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