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Jay Turser Semi Hollow Body Electric Guitar

Jay Turser: JT-50

8, 286

Electrical Guitars Jay Turser: JT-RES

Everyone loves your guitar, don't get me personally wrong. Its interesting sounds great and seems great also, it's just this one issue because of the connection kinda ruins it. I'd nonetheless suggest it for some body desiring a primary resonator electric guitar.

4, 397

Jay Turser: Warlord

This electric guitar screams with mindset in black nevertheless white one reminds myself of a virgin in a prom dress. 22 frets with a big headstock kind big like a Dean electric guitar but an unusual styling but it kinda balances a guitar nicely.

25, 484

Jay Turser: JT-200

Vintage design, single cutaway lightweight solid body, flame-maple contoured top, maple ready neck, rosewood fingerboard with abalone and mother-of-pearl serpent inlay and bound and inlaid headstock.Jay Turser: JT-LTCUSTOMDLX conventional style black pick shield, 2 covered humbucking pickups, 2 amount and 2 tone controls, and gold equipment.

24, 192

Jay Turser: JT-133

JT-133 is a semi-hollow body, jazz box style electric guitar. Arched top, thin-line body, decorative tail piece. Double "F" gap.

Jay Turser: JT-RES 7, 412

Jay Turser: JT-100

It's 22 frets and a Rosewood fretboard. It is a plain-top Cherry Sunburst which can be really well done. It really is a two piece (i believe) Well it's a bolt-on throat. It really is fundamentally a Tune-o-Matic connection and it stays in tune really. You can find 2 volume and 2 shades pots for Rhythm and Treble pick-ups.

3, 210

Jay Turser: JT-XG2

This will be a Gibson SG design two fold neck guitar. It really is one of thirty-six blue guitars made and it's also bad towards bone tissue.

2, 628

Jay Turser: JT-137

It is a clasic rock electric guitar. Switch off the distortion, the neck pickup becomes airy and produces lots of headroom, and jazz noises tend to be perfect.

Jay Turser: JT-220D Serpent Jay Turser: Warlord Jay Turser: JT-220 Jay Turser: JT-300

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