Hollowbody Electric Guitar

Washburn Semi Hollow Body Electric Guitars

namm2012.gifThe HB35 will today be around in white, black, and tobacco sunburst, along with the previous choices of natural and wine-red.

The HB35 is anything you could ever desire in a semi-hollowbody electric guitar. This maple-bodied question is far and beyond the conventional for players worldwide, and Washburn is proud is adding more shade options to this popular show. The brand new HB35’s should be readily available for $979.90 and will be debuted at NAMM 2012.

The HB35 will now be accessible in white, black colored, and cigarette sunburst, together with the past choices of normal and wine red. These colors are combined with the gorgeous gold-plated hardware and black colored pickguards.

The HB35 nevertheless features a beautiful maple human anatomy; smooth, 24.75” maple throat with a rosewood fingerboard; and wonderful flame maple top.USM-HB35BK.jpg This semi-hollow also includes a Washburn 621 throat pickup & 623 bridge pickup and a three-way switch to offer people with an array of shades. The HB35 is sold with a tough case.

Washburn Guitars is owned by United States Music Corp, positioned in Mundelein, IL. United States musical Corp is an international music organization that manufactures and directs products worldwide under Washburn Guitars, Parker Guitars, Randall Amplifiers, Eden Electronics, Oscar Schmidt, Hagstrom, Jay Turser, Jay J, Warwick, Natal Drums, Phonic, Quik Lok, and Profile manufacturers. United States musical Corp is a subsidiary of Jam Industries, Ltd.

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