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Electric Guitar Nylon Strings

The functional, contemporary styled NTX range was created with thinner figures, narrower necks, 14th fret throat joints, and cutaway styles to provide better convenience and playability for today's steel-string acoustic and electric players.

Contemporary Design

Perfect for playing Latin, Lazz, Pop or Rock, these guitars feel a lot more like a steel-strung electric guitar and are also ready for whatever you can toss at them!

Item Lineup

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Just like the NTX1200 and NTX900, this design quickly accommodates many music and playing types, and will be offering the perfect starting point exploring your music and nylon sequence sound. The NTX700C functions solid Cedar on the top board and delivers a r...


NTX1200RLike the NTX1200 and NTX900, this design effortlessly accommodates an array of musical and playing types. This electric guitar offers the perfect place to begin checking out your songs in addition to nice sounds of a nylon sequence electric guitar.

Other colors offered


This smooth cutaway body design offers extended playability for the neck, making the NTX900 the perfect option for a wide variety of styles. The NTX900FM is an entirely flexible tool, with the capacity of delivering rich noises by anything from the su...

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The NTX1200R is a good searching instrument built to offer the playability and experience of a metal stringed acoustic. This expert degree design is the perfect option for adding the warm tone of a nylon string classical guitar to your songs.

14th Fret Neck Joint

Thinner neck shape like that on a metal string acoustic. The fingerboard actions 48mm on fan 57mm in the joint.

NTX700C NTX700

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