Taylor Guitar Acoustic Electric


A History of Easy-Playing 12-Strings

During the early days of Taylor Guitars, Bob Taylor's acoustic 12-strings turned out to be online game changers. Until after that, playing a 12-string ended up being a physical task, between their chunky necks, additional string tension, and large activity. Most must be tuned down simply to make sure they are playable. But Taylor's 12-strings featured thin necks and reasonable activity, letting them be played comfortably at show pitch. As word spread that Taylor made probably the most playable 12-strings around, numerous designers included anyone to their particular acoustic arsenal.

Neil younger together with a Taylor 855 in 1978

Making 12-Strings More Broadly Available

Fast-forward into arrival of Andy Powers, Bob Taylor's handpicked electric guitar design successor, who may have inherited an abundant 12-string history and put into it, much like he performed using revoicing of Taylor's leading rosewood 800 Series. Objective: to broaden the benefit of the 12-string playing experience to accommodate a diverse mix of players and musical programs. The result is an inspiring collection of the latest 12-string models, covering all five Taylor body styles and spanning almost the whole line. "Each 12-string instrument can play a uniquely different part for every single player, " Andy claims. "this is exactly why we have pursued various styles. I do believe this collection offers people many different and welcoming options."

Grand Concert 12-Fret

A small-body 12-string provides a cushty selection for people who find a larger human body unwieldy. Standout characteristics include the slinky handfeel and responsiveness, along side a surprising amazing quantity of tonal energy, level and heat for a tiny human body. The sonic focus and detail are ideal for recording or overall performance because sound will fit cleanly into a combination.

Grand Orchestra

Our largest and deepest body design provides a massively rich and effective 12-string sound. If you are a strummer that is wanting a rich, "wall-of-sound" style voice that fill a room with potent octave shimmer and a lot of ringing sustain, a Grand Orchestra 12-string wont let you down. Choices range from the rosewood/spruce 858e and also the ovangkol/spruce 458e.


The slightly wider waist of the Dreadnought shape helps reveal the lower midrange frequencies. On a 12-string, it creates a thick, husky midrange power that suits the crispness and shimmer associated with octave strings. The timber pairing of blackwood and mahogany from the 360e yields a smooth reaction that promises to supply a bold and balanced noise.

Grand Auditorium

The comfortable body size and music usefulness of the Grand Auditorium form the foundation of a fantastic energy 12-string guitar. Our present supplying, the 254ce-DLX, functions layered rosewood combined with solid spruce, and tends to make a great selection for some one trying to add some 12-string flavor with their musical toolbox for songwriting or including sonic texture into recording or performance.

Grand Symphony

The workhorse form of our 12-string family features the broadest model choice. The GS became our standard human body for 12-strings whenever Jumbo had been reborn since the Grand Orchestra. It really is slightly smaller than a traditional Jumbo, but the wider waistline yields a rich reasonable end, with a level balance from reduced to high. People will cherish the blend of power and articulation.

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