PRS SE A15AL Alex Lifeson

Thinline Acoustic Electric Guitar Reviews

prs_sealexlifeson-2PRS SE Alex Lifeson Signature Acoustic/Electric Guitar
Street price: $799.00

Because the very early 1990s, renowned race guitarist Alex Lifeson was doing with an array of Paul Reed Smith electric guitars, including a black colored CE-24 and a Hollowbody II. In 2013, Lifeson began touring with a personal inventory Angelus acoustic guitar, a Thinline model developed to their specs. Practicing the guitar was made available for sale as an exclusive inventory tool, and recently, the look had been extended into PRS’ affordable, road-worthy SE type of instruments.

The PRS SE Alex Lifeson Signature Acoustic is a single-cutaway thinline electric/acoustic guitar. Key functions include a great spruce top, mahogany neck with rosewood fingerboard, and bone nut and saddle. The rear and sides with this electric guitar are made out of Dao. Otherwise classified as Paldao, Dao is a workable tonewood primarily distributed in Southeast Asia. This wood was chosen for SE Alex Lifeson to portray a few of the sonic characteristics of Koa, applied to the exclusive Stock Lifeson, without having the high price tag of a Koa built instrument. Its electronic complement is a PRS undersaddle pickup with volume and tone containers located underneath the soundhole. Topping-off the Alex Lifeson SE Angelus may be the classic Paul Reed Smith Birds in Flight inlay pattern adorning the fretboard.

From the field, the SE Alex Lifeson Acoustic ships in a hardshell situation, and comes set-up with D’Addario light measure (12-53) strings. .11s could be used for a person who likes extra playability; .10s may have a lot of slack to do correctly.

Usually, a Thinline style acoustic guitar features an attract mostly guitar people who want an acoustic instrument that enables for simple change from electric to acoustic. Particularly therefore when it comes to guys playing long sessions or all-night cover gigs. Players very often aren’t behind a dreadnought or jumbo all day at the same time get fatigued when their particular picking arm is hunched over a broad shouldered flat-top. And electric playability could be hindered by a chunky 2×4 neck profile created for cowboy chords. This electric guitar, however, ended up being ready for action with several quick adjustments of truss rod. While activity had been low enough to solo cleanly, chords still rang obvious to start with position. In a live situation, We felt no need to overplay the tool to cut-through with a band.

Miked up, the SE Alex Lifeson is sharp and complete whenever strummed confidently. Crossbreed choosing was specifically enjoyable with this electric guitar, because it yields a beneficial stability of string tension and “give” when assaulting hard regarding the strings. Completing completely with a couple alternate selecting runs, the playability down and up the neck was all here, with no string buzz, also because of the activity. And also for a thinline human body, the low strings still produced the woody reduced end growl that every people desire out-of a steel string acoustic.
Whilst the exclusive inventory Lifeson model is within reach for some, this SE variant is likely likely to be the greater amount of obtainable instrument toward majority of guitarists. But it is not to ever be knocked once the guitar to just ‘settle for.’ This electric guitar is a bonafide player. PRS knocked it out associated with park in terms of high quality, playability and a street price under $1000 using Alex Lifeson SE Thinline electric guitar.

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